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Thomas & Friends: Best Of Percy

Thomas & Friends: Best Of Percy

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Thomas' best friend is the small green No. 6 engine who loves to deliver the mail, Percy! To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and Percy enjoy 20 fantastic Percy episodes, from the classic live action to the all new animation. Peep Peep it's Percy! Features the episodes: Percy Runs Away, Ghost Train, Percy and Harold, Percy and the Signal, Percy's Predicament, A Scarf for Percy, Percy's Promise, Thomas, Percy and the Post Train, Percy's Chocolate Crunch, Percy's New Whistle, Percy's Big Mistake, Percy and the Oil Painting, Percy and the Funfair, Percy and the Left Luggage, Percy and the Bandstand, Percy's Parcel, Being Percy, Thomas' Crazy Day, Percy the Snowman and Percy's New Friends.

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