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Power Rangers Time Force: The End of Time

Power Rangers Time Force: The End of Time

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Jen, Katie, Lucas and Trip receive a panicked call from Alex. Frax, he warns, is building Doomtron, a super-robot that will destroy the city. If the teens don't return to the future (3000) now, the won't survive. Wes, however, must stay in his own era-2001-so the teens stay and help him fight. Meanwhile, Ransik captures Frax, reprograms him in the Doomtron. As Frax attacks the city, giant vortexes begin to suck the buildings in the sky. Eric sends in Q-Rex but its no match for Doomtron. Things look bad...really bad. Not wanting to sacrifice the teens, Wes lures them to the Time Ship, activates the autopilot and sends them to the future. But for Wes and Eric, their future looks bleak as they fight for their lives. Too injured to fight, Eric gives Wes his Quantum Morpher. As Wes faces his final moments, Alex tells the teens that they must have their memories of 2001 erased but they'd rather go back and help Wes. Can the teens save their memories and return to 2001? If they do, how can they possibly survive thousands of C-bots and whirling vortexes? Could this be the end of time?

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